Modern medicine is a fast moving and quickly developing field. Based on leading-edge, sophisticated laboratory analysis and decades of experience in individual results interpretation and treatment, we offer you a package of medical services.


For more than 10 years, the medical laboratory group MEDLAB Analytik founded by Dr. med. J. Arnold has been serving the medical industry in Dubai Healthcare City. By introducing innovative procedures and following high standards of quality control, MEDLAB has earned an outstanding reputation. In addition to general clinical analysis, MEDLAB is focussing on the application of DNA diagnostics and hormonal regulation.


Over the years, MEDLAB has cooperated intensively with numerous physicians, specialists with outstanding knowledge in orthomolecular medicine as well as holistic diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, locomotor system disorders, tumors, fatigue and psychosomatic disorders.


To guarantee constantly high quality, MEDLAB is accredited in laboratory medicine by EIAC according to ISO 15189 since 2008.